Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control

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Foreign Trade

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Container Terminal – Hamburg (refer to: Export Control)

Export Control

The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control  as a central licensing authority is responsible for the administrative implementation of the Federal Government's export control policy. Together with the monitoring and investigating authorities, especially the different customs offices, it is involved in a complex export control system.

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  • Man with chemicals (refer to: Chemical Weapons Convention)

    Chemical Weapons Convention

    The Chemical Weapons Convention is a multilateral disarmament and arms control treaty. Its main objective is the worldwide prohibition of chemical weapons and the complete destruction of all existing stockpiles of chemical weapons.  More: Chemical Weapons Convention …

  • Container train (refer to: Import Restrictions)

    Import Restrictions

    The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control has the task to protect various branches of the European and, thus, domestic industry from uncontrolled market access by third countries. More: Import Restrictions …

  • Man with binoculars (refer to: Maritime Security)

    Maritime Security

    Private security companies who wish to perform security functions to counter piracy on board ocean-going vessels sailing under German flag need a licence issued by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control  More: Maritime Security …

  • Globes (refer to: Outreach Projects)

    Outreach Projects

    Since 2006 BAFA has been mandated by the European Union with the task of implementing EU-Outreach programmes in the area of export control, both for Dual-use items and for conventional arms. More: Outreach Projects …